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This new National Football League rule will change the way overtime works in the playoffs, and it is sure to be a topic of discussion among football fans everywhere. This new rule should make for more exciting games, as neither team can simply win the game with a touchdown on their first possession.

New NFL Playoff Overtime Rule

Under this new rule, both teams will be guaranteed a possession if the game goes into overtime. This means that even if the team with the ball first scores a touchdown, their opponent will still have a chance to score and win the game.

This is something that an online sports bettor should know because it could influence the odds, especially on live betting. This may also impact the outcome of the playoff games as well as the Super Bowl championship series.

Reason for the Rule

This rule came into talks after the AFC Divisional Playoff match of Buffalo Bills and Kansas City last year. It goes down the wire as both teams exchange awesome scoring and crucial plays. It reaches overtime and the Chiefs had an upper hand as they won the coin toss.

They eventually won the game by scoring a touchdown. The point spread for the match was -2.0 in favor of Kansas which has been covered by scoring the touchdown. However, with the new rules, the betting may change as the second team may go for a tie and go for the win after that.

The rationale of this rule is to balance both sides in NFL as the league favors the offensive side during a crucial match. High-caliber offenses may easily win if in a do-or-die even if they are against a top defensive squad.

NFL Overtime Rule History


The overtime period is called sudden death, it is an additional 15-minute playing time where the first team to score wins. The game will end in a tie if no one scored in that period. However, additional minutes will be played during the playoffs until there’s a winner.


A new overtime rule was introduced for the NFL postseason. Both teams are guaranteed a possession unless the first team scored a touchdown.


The format for the NFL Playoff overtime was applied to regular season matches.


There’s a slight change as the overtime periods are reduced to 10 minutes from the original 15 minutes.


During the NFL playoff overtime,n oth teams will now gain possession even if the first team had a touchdown.

NFL Sports Betting

Before betting on any sport, it is imperative that you know the rules of the game inside and out. This is especially true for football, as the NFL has a number of unique rules that can impact the outcome of a bet.

For example, understanding the role of the down system or this new playoff overtime rule can be the difference between winning and losing a bet. The same can be said for knowing how NFL teams are penalized for various infractions.

By familiarizing the rules of football, bettors can have a significant advantage when placing a wager on different sports. With a little knowledge, bettors can turn your love of football into a lucrative hobby