Gambling in Indiana: Complete 2022 Guide


At, we’re here to provide bettors with the resources they need to enjoy smooth, safe, and legal betting. That’s why we tapped our casino and sports betting experts to compile this in-depth guide, which serves as a one-stop-shop for all of your questions on gambling in Indiana. Here, you can find out all of the laws around online gambling in Indiana, as well as all of your options for betting in 2022. 

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Trustworthy, expert gambling reviews

If you want to know more about Indiana online gambling, you have come to the right place. Our site offers expert, impartial reviews and advice from casino and sports betting experts, who can offer you trustworthy tips on how to bet in Indiana.

We have scoured every inch of Indiana to find you the very best casinos and sportsbooks where you can get maximum bang for your buck, no matter what your gambling preferences are. Whether you’re looking to bet on the NFL or play a few rounds of blackjack, don’t hesitate to consult our expert reviews to find the best option for you.

Gambling types available in Indiana

First, let’s break down exactly what types of gambling are actually available in the state of Indiana. Across the US, states have the power to set their own gaming laws and issue licenses via a state gaming control board.

In Indiana, that board is known as the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC), which is the ultimate deciding body when it comes to any and all things gambling-related in the state. Gambling has a long, storied, and often complicated history in Indiana. As a result of this history, these are the types of gambling that you can participate in today. 

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

If you’re keen to wager on the NFL, NBA; NHL, or MBA, you’re in luck! Sports betting in all forms is fully legal across the state of Indiana. There is a wide range of physical sportsbooks located across the state, including in the dozen land-based casinos that are currently operating in Indiana.

The largest land-based sportsbook in Indiana right now is probably The BOOK at Caesars Southern Indiana, which is as large as anything you would find on the Las Vegas Strip.

Even better, all online sports betting in Indiana has been legal since September 2019. Since the legalization, dozens of top-notch online sportsbooks have begun offering competitive odds and bets to gamblers across the state. 



We’ll explain this in more detail below, but for now, it is important to know that all online casino gaming is explicitly illegal and criminalized in the state of Indiana, with no indication that this will change any time soon.

However, anyone looking to play slots and table games in Indiana still has plenty of options. Since 1993, land-based casinos have been legal in the state. As a result, there are 14 physical casino resorts in Indiana, most of which are located on the shores of Lake Michigan and the Ohio River. There are also slot machines located inside a number of authorized racecourse tracks in the state. 



As you might have guessed by now, poker fans in Indiana are limited to physical poker in a legal, land-based casino. Fortunately, there are plenty of tables to choose from. From the glamorous Caesars Resort in Elizabeth to the millennial-friendly and always-raucous Hard Rock Casino in Gary, you’ll find no shortage of poker tables offering just about every variant you can think of, from classic Texas Hold ‘Em to Seven Card Stud. The choice is yours.



If you’re a fan of bingo, you’re in luck. Bingo is legal across the state of Indiana, providing that the proceeds of the bingo game go towards charitable or educational sources. As a result, you’ll find a range of bingo halls across the state, ranging from modern, boutique bingo halls to giant old-school bingo parlors. Once you’ve found the bingo hall that suits your style, all you need to do is step right up, collect your card, and hope your numbers come in.

Daily Fantasy Sport


While many states in the US retain very ambiguous laws on fantasy sports betting, Indiana is not one of them. Since March 2016, daily fantasy football betting has been fully legal in the state of Indiana. Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in online DFS leagues and betting, without restrictions.

Your gambling options

Let’s break down the actual situation for various types of gambling in Indiana so that there is no doubt about what your options are and what you are legally permitted to do. Whether you’re a poker pro, a slots superfan, or a keen sports bettor, these are your gambling options in the Hoosier State. 

1. Land-based casino gaming

As mentioned, land-based casino gaming is fully legal in the state of Indiana and has been for almost 30 years. Land-based casino gambling was legalized via the 1993 Riverboat Act, which is why the majority of casino resorts in the state are situated on the shores of the Ohio River and Lake Michigan.

The state is also home to the world’s largest riverboat casino – Caesars Southern Indiana, which features hundreds of slot machines and table games across a gargantuan, luxury vessel. There are 14 casinos in total across the state, most of which are riverboat properties.

However, since 2015, it has been possible to open casinos in land-based properties. So far, the only non-riverboat casino venues in the state are located inside existing racing tracks, which have been expanded since 2015 to include slots machines. For the dedicated casino resorts, you can find just about every casino game imaginable, including poker, baccarat, slots, craps, and blackjack.

2. Sports betting

Since September 2019, anyone over the age of 21 can freely wager on sports in Indiana, both online and in a land-based sportsbook. Before this, sports betting was not legal in any form. However, the industry has responded quickly to the legalization, which is why nearly all of the existing casino buildings in Indiana have since added physical sportsbooks to their offerings.

These offer you the chance to wager on a huge range of sports from a highly luxurious setting, with live odds and competitive markets across all major leagues. Of course, that’s not all. A huge number of award-winning, professional online sportsbooks in Indiana are now already operating. These include some of the most well-known sports betting brands in America, such as BetMGM, Ceasars Online, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

These sites offer sports betting fans in Indiana a vast range of markets, including all major league sports, MMA, Formula 1, and betting on special international events such as the English Premier League and the Olympics.

All of the top online gambling Indiana sportsbooks also offer welcome bonuses for new members. When you create an account, you can claim free wagers on top sports events, as well as matched deposit bonuses to boost your bankroll. We’re here to help you choose the right online sportsbook in Indiana, as well as the best bonuses on the market right now. 

3. Online casino gaming

Unfortunately, online casino gaming is yet illegal in Indiana. Not only is it explicitly illegal, but it is also criminalized as a Class B Misdemeanor. Although there are no recorded cases of this being prosecuted, it does mean that you can be arrested and even imprisoned for playing real money casino games in Indiana.

The laws also explicitly mention that online casino gaming via an offshore gambling site outside of the state is a criminal offense. Therefore, if you wish to play slots, blackjack, and poker in Indiana, your only option at the moment is to head to one of the state’s exciting land-based casino resorts and play there. There is no indication whatsoever that these laws will change anytime soon. 

Indiana gambling laws explained

Just so there is no shadow of a doubt, let’s break down Indiana gambling laws in detail. Legal gambling in Indiana is possible, as long as it consists of:

✅ Land-based gaming at a licensed Indiana casino 

✅ Sports betting at a licensed sportsbook, online or land-based

✅ Licensed lottery games, such as Powerball

✅ Not-for-profit bingo games, with proceeds going towards charitable or educational causes

You must also be at least 21 years of age to participate in all forms of online gambling. However, you may participate in daily fantasy football if you are at least 18 years of age. Note that attempting to access an online casino located outside of Indiana while you are present in Indiana is also a misdemeanor crime. 

Any form of gambling that falls outside of these parameters is illegal and should not be attempted at all within the State of Indiana, as doing so constitutes a prosecutable crime. 

So, how did we get here? Gambling in Indiana was strictly banned outright throughout most of the history of the state. with all forms of the following being illegal according to the Indiana Code: 

“risking money or other property for gain, contingent in whole or in part upon lot, chance, or the operation of a gambling device”

However, the first forms of gambling were legalized in 1989, with the introduction of the first legal state lottery, the Hoosier Lottery. At the same time, licensed track betting on horse and greyhound races was also legalized, with licenses being granted for two racetracks to open in the state. As of 2022, Indiana is now home to two massive racetracks and four off-track betting (OTB) venues. 

The real game-changer came in 1993, with the passage of the Indiana Riverboat Act. This allowed for the construction and licensing of land-based casinos in the state for the first time, as long as they were situated inside riverboats and not on, well, land.

Since 2015, the same Act has since been amended to allow for the construction of land-based casinos outside of riverboats, resulting in a couple of additional casinos being constructed on the same sites as Indiana’s major betting track venues. 

Despite sports betting online and in-person being made legal in 2019, lawmakers in Indiana were specifically very resistant to extending this liberalization to online casino gaming. If anything, lawmakers have doubled down in their commitment to upholding the ban on online casino gaming in Indiana. There is currently no indication that Indiana gambling laws will be amended to permit online casino games anytime soon. 

Latest Gambling News in Indiana

Gambling Stats and Revenues in Indiana

So, how popular is legal gambling in Indiana today? Very, it turns out. Let’s start with sports betting. Since it was legalized in September 2019, sports betting revenues in Indiana have totaled a staggering $486 million. All of the most profitable months for Indiana sports betting were in 2021, with November 2021 taking the record of $47.6 million worth of wagers being made within that 30-day period.

This amounts to more than $46 million in tax revenue for the state from sports betting alone. Casino revenues from land-based venues are even higher. In January 2022, Indiana’s 14 casinos generated close to $200 million in revenues.

This is consistent with revenues throughout 2021, which hovered around the $150-200 million a month mark, at least for the latter half of that year, once pandemic restrictions had been lifted in their entirety. The Hard Rock Casino in Gary is the most popular venue in the state, generating around $30 million a month in the latter half of 2021.

According to recent surveys, gambling is an immensely popular pursuit across the state. A recent survey from Indiana State University found that a full 84% of Indiana adults gambled at least once in the past year.

How Gambling Taxes Work in Indiana

You might be wondering how gambling taxes work in Indiana. The state collects a flat 9.5% tax on all sports betting revenues directly from the sportsbook operators. However, this does not affect the bettor who wins money from a successful wager.

Rather, these winnings fall under Indiana state income tax, which is currently levied at 3.23%. All gambling winnings, including from casinos and racetracks, are subject to this tax. However, that’s not all. Any and all winnings over $5000 are subject to a 24% tax. Oftentimes, casinos will withhold 25% of large winnings for tax purposes, but not always.

If the casino does not withhold the winnings, you will need to declare and pay them yourself as part of your annual income tax. You must report all gambling winnings (including those under $5000) on your IRS 1040 Form and an additional W-2G Form. There are no exceptions to this rule and all gambling winnings must be reported, no matter how minor. 


What is the legal gambling age in Indiana?

For casinos games and sports betting in Indiana, you must be at least 21 years old. However, the minimum age to participate in regulated daily fantasy football is 18 years old. 

Can I play casino games online in Indiana?

No. Online casino games are explicitly illegal and criminalized in the state of Indiana. You must play casino games at a regulated and licensed physical casino. 

What are the best payment options for Indiana gamblers?

When betting in a casino, you can use a range of payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, and Western Union. For online sports betting, you can use a vast range of secure digital payment platforms such as PayPal and Apple Pay. 

Can I play at a casino outside of Indiana?

If you are physically present in the state of Indiana, we do not recommend playing online casino games at a casino outside of the state. Although we have not seen any instance of people getting into trouble for this, Indiana gaming law specifically criminalizes “offshore” casino gaming for people in Indiana. 

What sports can I wager on in Indiana?

You can wager on just about any sports you can think of in Indiana, including fantasy football. As a general rule, sportsbooks must only offer odds on professional or college sports.