Since the 109-106 to the New York Knicks (22-19) last December, the Indiana Pacers (23-18) have shown a different energy. With an impressive 8-2 record over their last 10 games, the Pacers will be looking to redeem themselves when they take on the Knicks at Madison Square Garden this Wednesday.

The Indiana Pacers had a strong showing in their 116-111 comeback win against the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday. Myles Turner led the team with 29 points, while Buddy Hield contributed 21 of his own to clinch the victory.

Tyrese Haliburton also had a memorable game, collecting 16 points, 13 assists, and five rebounds. It all added up to an impressive performance by both teams: the Pacers showed grit and determination to make up a nine-point deficit early in the fourth quarter and earned their 23-18 record going into halftime.

Meanwhile, the Knicks fall short of the Milwaukee Bucks after shooting 38% from the field. They are up by 17 until Giannis and the Bucks surge for the lead and snap their four-game winning streak.

NBA Odds/Game Lines: Pacers @ Knicks

IND Pacers+4.5 (-110)+168
NY Knicks-4.5 (-110)-200
Win Margin
IND 1-10 (+260)IND +11 (+750)NYK 1-10 (+165)NYK +11 (+210)

“Winning at the End of Every Quarter” is a unique type of option at Fanduel sportsbook. It says that the winner needs to win every quarter for the bet to win. If neither of the team qualifies, the “Any other result” bet will be the winning bet.

IND Pacers+4.5 (-110)+155
NY Knicks-4.5 (-110)-190

Note that NBA odds are subject to changes based on updates. More betting markets, including the live betting experience, can be viewed by visiting the respective websites of online sportsbooks.

Can the Pacers Be a Contender This Season?

The Indiana Pacers are showing a high level of offensive skill this season, as they currently rank in sixth place in the Eastern Conference standings. On offense, they have been particularly impressive — scoring 115.6 points per game and shooting 46.3% from the floor to put themselves at the tenth-most points but still ranked 22nd in terms of team shooting percentage

Tyrese Haliburton has been a key factor in these stats, consistently leading on offense with 20.3 points per game and 48% shooting from the field. The Pacers have also demonstrated strength when it comes to their long-range shots, as 37% accuracy places them with the ninth-highest three-point shooting percentage in the league. Additionally, their free throws have been successful, with 80% made at the line so far this year.

Can the Knicks Continue Winning

The Pacers aren’t the only team who are making a breakout season, the Knicks are also one making some noise so far.  Although they are in seventh place in the standings, trailing seven games behind the Boston Celtics, they have been able to put up offensive numbers. Scoring 114 points per game, their shooting from the floor has been above league average at 45.5%, ranking them 15th and 24th respectively among NBA teams. Still not the best statistic to show, but enough for them to be above the 0.500 mark.

However, their free throw percentage is only at 77.6%, placing 18th in the league while their three-point shooting lags behind at 33.9%, 26th overall in the NBA. If the Knicks want to increase their chances of winnings games and gaining ground on the Boston Celtics, it is essential for them to capitalize on these free points rather than miss out on this opportunity.