Indiana sports betting had a successful month in December despite some small fluctuations. According to new data released by the state, the overall handle was $431.4M and revenues were still impressive.

Although there was a slight decrease in handles compared to previous months, Indiana’s sports betting apps and retail locations still saw high levels of engagement from consumers. With more states beginning to legalize wagering on sports, Indiana is aiming to stay ahead of the curve and remain one of the main drivers of sports betting revenue in the US.

Data About The Performance Of The Sports Betting Industry In Indiana

The State’s sports betting industry saw a slight decline for the period reported, with the handle dropping from November’s $452.3 million to $431.4 million in December. However, despite this lower handle, Indiana’s sportsbooks experienced increased revenues for the period: adjustable gross revenue increased to $42.7 million for December, a 65.6% jump from December 2021’s figure of $25.8 million and also registering a marginal 6.8% rise on November’s 2022 earnings of $40 million.

The results demonstrate that while aggregated handles may not always equal greater returns, positive growth is still possible within the sector. Sports betting in Hoosier State has proven to be a resounding success, with sportsbooks contributing $4.1 million towards local taxes. Additionally, Indiana‘s total 2022 handle for sports betting sat at an impressive $4.4 billion! This is big business and the state of Indiana looks set to benefit from it substantially over time.

Additional Information About Sports Betting In December

Football continued to be the most popular sport for Indiana fans in December, accounting for an impressive 26% of total bets. Over $136 million was wagered on the beloved game, beating out basketball with its $130 million handle. Parlay bets weren’t far behind either, reaching a figure of $119 million, while all other sports combined totaled at around $46 million. All in all, it appears as though Indiana fans prefer getting their betting thrills from football and basketball, with everything else slightly trailing in third place.

Blue Chip Casino and its partner FanDuel Indiana emerged as the fan-favorite operator in Indiana during October, with a total handle of $138.3 million translating into revenue of $16 million. Its success was followed by the DraftKings Indiana sportsbook at the Ameristar Casino which earned $12.7 million from a handle of $137.6 million.

Belterra Casino rounded out the top three, collecting a respectable $5.1 million from its own FanDuel partnership and a handle of $42.8 million. All three companies represented impressive returns with Blue Chip and DraftKings proving to be particularly successful investments in Indiana’s competitive sports betting market.