While the search for the next Colts Head Coach is still ongoing, let’s take a look at who can be the potential QB(s) of Indiana for the 2023 season.

Most of the fans are preparing to watch and bet on the NFL in the upcoming Super Bowl LVII. However, most of the eliminated teams are already making their off-season moves – just like the Indianapolis Colts.

The pursuit of a new head coach is generating more and more buzz around Circle City each day. Though this is certainly an important off-season decision, it’s just as crucial to finding the right quarterback for Indianapolis.

Every potential head coach will come with their own preferences, so without knowing who will fill Indianapolis’ vacancy, it’s impossible to predict which quarterback combination best fits their vision. This makes the 2023-2024 season an incredibly exciting time for Indianapolis Colts as they make decisions that will shape their football team in years to come.

Potential Quarterbacks for the Colts

While the head coach position is still vacant, Indianapolis has several potential quarterbacks on their current roster and in the upcoming draft. ESPN recently simulated what direction the quarterback position might take and it appears Matt Ryan is on his way out–a move that isn’t too much of a surprise.

Jameis Winston

The Colts seemed to be ready to put an end to their quarterback carousel this offseason and can aim for a rookie quarterback in April. They can aim at Jameis Winston as a potential fallback plan as he would be a reliable backup for the team. Despite eating $17.2 million in dead cap, the release would give them an additional $18 million in salary-cap space to use elsewhere.

As per Stephen Holder, if they do decide to go with Winston, he would be an intriguing choice since it would be on a one-year deal. However, his willingness to push the ball downfield could give the team’s deep passing game and play-action game with Jonathan Taylor the revitalization it needs.

This would be a reasonable gamble for the Colts as Winston may be looking for a new home due to what happened in the Saints last season.

Bryce Young

Colts fans may have found themselves shaking their head at the idea of another veteran retread option joining the roster, but if ESPN’s latest prediction comes true, that tune is about to change. 

Holder said that Bryce Young from Alabama could be the answer to Indianapolis’ issues. His exceptional talent and unparalleled accuracy make up for his smaller stature and will spearhead an offensive revolution for the Colts. With Young leading the way, he could quickly transform this punchless offense into a top-tier powerhouse— giving Colts fans something to be loud and proud about once again.

“And Young wouldn’t be forced to start right away with Jameis Winston also in the fold”.

Stephen Holder

If the Colts are bold enough to take Trevor Young at No. 4, it would be a thrilling move. Not everyone is sold on Young as the perfect fit for the team – his size being a primary concern – and that could make or break Ballard’s decision. It seems logical, however, that a younger, offensive-minded head coach would bode better for bringing out Young’s electric game than an experienced, defensive-minded coach might.

Could this be the start of something special for Indianapolis after a disastrous 2022 season? Time will tell!