The Indianapolis Colts’ search for a head coach has been extensive, and now the process is entering its next stage

The team is set to review its top candidates as well as invite them back in for second-round interviews over the next two weeks.

In a discussion with ESPN’s Michelle Beisner-Buck on December 26, the owner of the Colts Jim Irsay expressed his eagerness to proceed with the hiring process.

“I think the pool needs to be broadened somewhat more. There are some great college coaches that may be capable. There are some unknown coaches that may be capable.”
Irsay said.

With much deliberation having already taken place, Irsay hopes that this second interview phase will bring the team closer to finding a suitable candidate who can help lead them further down the road to success.

Colts’ Search Update

The Indianapolis Colts are making a concerted effort to find the right person for their new head coaching job. As of Tuesday this week, fourteen interviews have been conducted with candidates from diverse backgrounds and roles.

Six of these were offensive coordinators, four were defensive coordinators, two specialized in special teams, and two had served as interim head coaches. According to reports from Pelissero, arguably one of the most authoritative figures on this topic, all 14 interviews have been held virtually and owner Jim Irsay has not yet been involved in the process.

“This entire first round of interviews has been virtual, and I’m told owner Jim Irsay has not been in any of those interviews. The plan is in the next couple of days, to pare down that list of 13 and set up a second round of interviews later this week that will be in person with Irsay involved.”
Pelissero said.

The Indianapolis Colts had been preparing for the second round of interviews of their coaching search this week, but with several prospective candidates still involved in the playoffs, they must wait until the end of the NFL season to begin.

According to Zak Keefer of The Athletic, January 30 is when the Colts will be able to hold interviews with those coaches – once they are no longer competing in post-season play.

Narrowing the Choices

As the coaching search for a new season kicks into high gear, the Colts are faced with the interesting task of narrowing down their list of potential head coaches. Of the original fourteen candidates interviewed, Eric Bieniemy, Shane Steichen, and Brian Callahan will not be able to complete a second round of interviews until after January 30 due to ongoing NFL playoff commitments with their respective teams.