Brunson Lifts Knicks Over Pacers’ Late Game Rally

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Jaylen Brunson had a stellar outing Wednesday night to lead the New York Knicks to a 119-113 victory against the Indiana Pacers. With 34 points, Brunson was crucial in responding to Bogdan Bogdanovic’s 3-pointer which cut the lead down to merely two points.

The Knicks improved to 23-19 and ties the Pacers in the Eastern Conference. The Pacers move to 0-2 against the Knicks this season, their first matchup has also been a thriller where the Knicks escape with a 109-106 victory.

NY Survives Pacers’ Comeback Run

To seal the game for the Knicks, he scored seven of the team’s last twelve points, pushing them past their opponents. Barrett capitalized on his return from injury by contributing 27 points and Randle rounded off with 14 points and 16 rebounds for a comprehensive win.

“I think we stayed poised and finished out the game,” Brunson said. “We obviously want to keep a lead and win comfortably, but that team wasn’t going to quit. I have to give them a lot of credit. For us, we have to continue to hold leads better. Keep our foot on the gas with the lead. That is a work in progress for us. But, a win is a win.”

Haliburton Injury Update

The Indiana Pacers have been on a hot streak of late, with Tyrese Haliburton leading the way. Haliburton had been arguably the biggest reason for their recent surge within the Eastern Conference, but they may now have to continue without him. During Wednesday’s game against the Knicks, he took an ugly fall while attempting a layup and suffered knee and elbow injuries.

Despite leaving on crutches due to soreness in both of those areas, further testing tomorrow may bring good news and hopefully reveal only a short-term absence. The Pacers will no doubt be keeping their fingers crossed as they await further updates on Haliburton’s condition.

Winners of six of their past eight games, including victories over two powerhouse opponents in the Cavaliers (26-26) and Clippers (22-21), Indiana has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference. Haliburton has been integral to this success, earning All-Star consideration thanks to averages of 20.3 points and 10.3 assists per game that currently rank as the best marks in the league.

He was acquired last season via trade and is expected to sign a max extension this summer, making his importance to the Pacers’ organization crystal clear.

Coming up Next…

The Pacers will visit the Atlanta Hawks, looking to repeat the result of their last meeting. It will be tougher this time as the league leader in assists (Haliburton) will not be present. The Knicks, on the other hand, will visit the Wizards who are battling with a ton of injuries.